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Remove and Restore has over a decade of experiencing servicing homes in the Oakville area. As a full service waterproofing company, we are able to complete a wide array of projects. We are fully stocked with all of our own equipment, which allows us to provide complex excavation or demolition services that would be necessary to complete a project. We are ready to waterproof your home.
As a Southern Ontario based company, we value the Oakville community. We place a strong emphasis on maintaining our good reputation. Through a combination of superior customer service, top notch work, and our unique warranty, we are able to provide homeowners in Oakville with the best possible experience.

You Pay Upon Completion

Some waterproofing companies or private contractors will require homeowners to pay for services in advance. They use that money to finance future projects. Remove and Restore does not. It is our policy that the customer pays only when the job has been completed in a satisfactory manner. The transaction will always take place at the end of the service.

Larger or more complicated projects have a tendency to become costly. Although Remove and Restore always utilizes fair pricing practices, some projects are simply expensive in their nature. Through our decade of experience in the industry, we have built professional relationships with lenders. We invite homeowners who require our services for costly projects to arrange financing through these reputable lenders. We are proud to offer our resources to you.

Our Work Is Backed with a 25 Year Warranty

It is our duty as professional service provides to address the source of a problem and repair it in its entirety the first time we do the job. Our experience allows us to thoroughly examine your home before the work begins and create a plan based on our findings. We will locate the source of water infiltration or the cause of the issue that needs to be resolved and provide you with a solution from start to finish. When we’ve completed the work, we are prepared to present you with a written 25 year transferrable warranty to certify the quality of the job.

We Provide Outstanding Customer Service

Remove and Restore truly understands the value of a home. Homeowners need to feel at ease when a crew comes to service their property, and they absolutely must be included in every part of the process. It is our duty to keep the homeowner informed and answer every question we receive from the moment we receive a business inquiry.

Though our warranty provides satisfaction to many customers, Remove and Restore aims to deliver the ultimate customer experience at every turn. While our business model isn’t based on repeat business due to the quality of our work and our ability to get the job done right the first time, our reputation is of the utmost importance to our business. We aim to satisfy every need of Oakville homeowners.

When you require our services in the Oakville community, just call Remove and Restore. Let us provide you with the same quality experience we’ve been providing to other homeowners for over ten years.


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