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Concrete Flooring

Garages, basements, storage sheds often have concrete flooring. Commercial and industrial buildings require concrete floors for their durability and fire resistant qualities. Concrete floors aren’t as simple as ripping out the existing flooring and leaving the unprotected layer beneath them exposed – they need to be properly installed and protected against damage if you want them to last a long time.

Installing Concrete Floors

The installation of a concrete floor is a multi-step process, which is very laborious especially in the preparation stages. Each project is unique in its own right, however the basic procedure is quite similar from job to job. If there is any existing concrete floor or slab, it needs to be broken up and removed from the worksite. Depending on the preexisting floor, the fill layer will most likely require adequate grading.  In some cases this requires the removal of material in other situations the designated area will require grade to be established by backfilling with gravel. The stone layer is a suitable base to support the concrete and is the ideal material to use for leveling and grading applications.

When the base has been graded properly required forms are built on site and installed. In applications such as garage and shack pads, forms are required to act as a dam and stop concrete from spilling out of desired installation sites. On the other hand for applications such as basement floors , no forms are need, as foundation walls can contain the concrete during the installation process.

Depending on the application, various concrete strengths can be used. This is all based on engineered specifications and standard practices within the trade.  

During the installation process, various concrete tools are used to level the concrete and finish it according the customers wishes and requirements.



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