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Demolition Services

Demolition is complicated and a little bit messy, but it’s often a necessary part of building something new. You can’t start your next big project with bits of your old one scattered all over the place. Once a structure is properly demolished, the site needs to be cleaned up before construction can begin. It’s a lot of hard work, but you can leave it to us. We’ve done this before – we’ve got your back.

Residential Demolition

If your home has been damaged, you might need to demolish the damaged portion of your home in order to rebuild the new portion. This is often the case after a significant house fire or water damage that’s been left unchecked for an extended period of time.

Homes that are being rebuilt entirely, or run down homes that were purchased specifically for the use of the land, will need full demolition. Since residential properties are relatively small, the demolition effort will need to be careful and controlled. People have neighbors, and you don’t want your neighbors to get more than they bargained for. Residential demolition sites are neat and controlled.

Commercial Demolition

Commercial demolition is a much bigger task than residential demolition. Commercial buildings can get pretty big, and the larger the building, the sturdier the construction materials need to be. These buildings are large, and the demolition requires a lot more effort. Special equipment might be needed for commercial buildings – they aren’t like residential projects where a small group of workers can do a significant amount of the tear down by hand.

These kinds of demolitions also generate a lot more waste. Obviously, larger buildings are going to amass a larger pile of debris. What matters the most is that each job is handled according to its scale. Small commercial properties are easier to handle, while large commercial buildings might take a little longer due to the sheer size.

Small Demolition Projects

Small demolition projects are relatively common. Maybe you want to take down a shed or a detached garage in order to expand your yard. A garden bed might look great where your old, unused toolshed is located. Smaller demolition projects can be done in a day or so. You’ll have more space in no time.

Getting Rid of All The Junk

Every kind of junk from a demolition needs to be handled differently. Certain kinds of metals can be recycled – steel can be processed and recycled or shipped to a location where it would be more useful. Most kinds of scrap metal can be processed and recycled. It’s more environmentally friendly, and it sometimes offsets some of the costs of the demolition.

Even concrete can be recycled. The concrete from the structure can be crushed and processed into gravel, and it can find a new home with someone else’s project. The slabs, walls, and parts of the structure that are made of concrete are some of the heaviest parts of the cleanup, and finding a place to put them really simplifies the cleanup.

Demolishing older structures might require a special kind of cleanup. Some demolitions involve things like lead or asbestos, which are now recognized as unsafe building material. It’s unsafe to haul these away on your own – they require formal hazardous material removal, because they pose a threat to anyone who comes into contact with them. If your demolition involves these kinds of materials, we’ll handle it. We don’t want property owners in harm’s way. We’ll make sure everything hazardous safely leaves the site.

Call us up when you need demolition services. We can tear down your unwanted structures and clean things up the right way when we’re done.


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