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Exposed Aggregate Concrete

If you want concrete work, it doesn’t need to be ordinary concrete. A lot of homeowners want the strength and reliability they get from concrete, but they don’t want to wind up with a plain Jane product. Exposed concrete can be a good alternative, which is visually appealing and is just as strong as regular concrete.

What is Exposed Aggregate Concrete?

Exposed aggregate is concrete is a decorative concrete that exposes small smooth pebbles giving the finish a very natural look. Finishes can be altered to compliment house and surrounding colors by integral coloring. This method allows the background color of the concrete to change while the exposed aggregate remains the same.

During installation the top layer is finished to a very smooth surface at it would be if a broom finish was required. At this point a surface retarder is sprayed over the entire surface and the concrete is left to cure as per manufacturer’s recommendations. After the curing process has reached a required amount, the top layer is removed via pressure washing. The surface retarder allows the top surface to remain soft, while the rest of the concrete hardens and begins its full cure process.

Where Should Exposed Concrete Be Installed?

Exposed concrete can be used to build walkways, porches and driveways, as it is a decorative concrete that is also very rugged.. Exposed concrete aggregate can be used in any place where concrete would ordinarily be installed, or even as a decorative touch. Interior floors can also be made from exposed concrete aggregate, especially in basements or garages where traditional flooring wouldn’t be necessary.

Exposed Concrete Aggregate Sealers

In order to keep exposed concrete aggregate looking vibrant and fresh, a sealer needs to be applied to the top. Finishes can range from nearly matte to a wet-look shine – it’s all up to the homeowner’s preference. Going without a sealer isn’t recommended as it makes the finish look dull and in some cases make the colored concrete look faded.

A good quality sealer will resist yellowing over time, and is designed to hold up against the damaging UV rays of the sun. A little bit of a glossy finish will enhance the appearance of the exposed aggregate, bringing out the colors and showing the depth. Another important function of sealing your exposed aggregate concrete is to eliminate the chance of concrete staining.

The sealer makes the exposed concrete aggregate easy to clean. Most dirt and spills can easily by hosed off, making it a very low maintenance concrete. We recommend having the concrete sealed every few years to keep the aggregate looking new

Choosing a Color for Exposed Aggregate

Deciding what color to add to your exposed aggregate concrete is sometimes the hardest thing, as the available color charts can offer a wide variety of colors, making it a bit overwhelming. It is important to remember a color should be chosen not to match existing colors, but to compliment them and add a new level of dimension to your home and surrounding space.

Is Exposed Aggregate Slippery?

In some cases exposed aggregate can be a bit slippery, however we have an appropriate solution to eliminate any slip hazards. Our suppliers offer a contractor grade solution that is mixed in with the sealer and allows us to coat the surface of the exposed aggregate with an invisible anti-skid material.  

If you want exposed concrete aggregate in your home or around your property, we’ll gladly do that for you. Give us a call, and we’ll be here to discuss styles and options with you.


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