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The purpose of a foundation is not only to hold the rest of the house up, but it also needs to be able to keep water out. If your foundation has become degraded over the years or become damaged, it’s not going to be able to perform these two tasks without issue. Foundation repairs can sometimes be difficult, which is precisely why issues with your foundation should be addressed as soon as they arise.

Foundation walls are primarily; block foundations, slab foundations and in earlier made houses can be stone rubble foundations. Each of these foundations have their own benefits and downfalls, however when they begin to let water into a basement they become a problem.  When this occurs it is important to stop water from entering the house, and more importantly stop further foundation erosion and degradation.

Types of foundations

The type of foundation a home is built on should dictate the appropriate solution to waterproofing. In Canada we have 3 primary types of foundations; the first being the more historical stone rubble foundation, the second is the cement block foundation, and finally the most modern slab foundation.

Stone rubble foundation

A stone rubble foundation is more historical way of building a foundation to support a home. It is an obsolete way of building foundations, however has proven to be a very strong way to build a foundation. Stone rubble wall foundations very commonly let water into a basement, primarily due to their age. The age of the Foundation allows for more time for mortar joints to degrade, progressively letting more water in. In some cases the house would have been built without proper water drainage systems around the perimeter, which can all be addressed during the waterproofing phase.

In the case of a stone rubble foundation the best solution for waterproofing is externally, as this allows for the repair technicians to find out more information about the foundation while they are repairing it. An external repair allows an investigation to determine the shape of the foundation outside, determining if there are more cracks or points of water entry than previously thought. The second advantage, is to monitor the overall mortar deterioration underground and fix problem areas. And finally the most important advantage is to determine if there is an adequate weeping tile system to channel water away from the foundation wall.

Concrete Block Foundation

Concrete Block or cinder block foundations are concrete blocks stacked in an offset pattern with mortar between each block. There are a few ways these foundations can begin to let water in; the first is a crack in a mortar joint. This can vary in severity, sometimes being a small hairline crack and other times be a substantial step crack. The second is the deterioration of block or mortar, this is generally a more substantial hole and can let larger volumes of water to pass through.

Once the water has been given a point of entry, it begins by running down the inside of the hollow blocks. Turn this causes the bottom section of block to fill with water until it finds its way into the basement living space.

When a concrete block foundation begins to leak it can be waterproofed from the inside or outside, depending on the severity.

Slab Foundation

A slab foundation otherwise known as a poured foundation seems to be the most popular type of foundation on newly built houses. Unlike block foundations, a slab foundation is not hollow. The primary cause for slab foundations to leak is when it cracks.

In some cases the crack can be quite prominent and be very easy to recognize both inside and out, however this isn’t always the case. In the case of blatant cracks, slab foundations are excellent candidates for crack repairs. In this case the crack is fixed in a very concentrated area on the exterior on the home.

Other solutions for multiple cracks are sectional repairs, where the waterproofing takes place over a predetermined  distance to flank all cracks on both sides. This type of repair can be inside or outside.


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