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Crack Waterproofing

Waterproofing individual cracks is a service that many homeowners don’t realize that they can get. Foundation cracks are something that people often forget about, but they usually require prompt attention before they become part of a larger problem. Waterproofing is the ideal solution that will ensure that the repair lasts, and the cracked surface is fortified against common types of potential future damage.

Cracks Are More Serious Than You Think

Cracks in foundation walls form when a shift occurs in the footing. As time goes on the crack begins to take in water, and as the temperature drops the water freezes and acts as a wedge, constantly growing small cracks that may never have been an issue before.

In block foundations the water that accumulates freezes and causes the blocks to deteriorate progressively upon each freeze. This results in an opening that allows water to enter the block and begin filling the lower blocks with water. In short the more water that is introduced into the block, the faster the degradation occurs.

Checking Your Home for Cracks

Foundation wall cracking can happen anywhere . If you can see the concrete walls in your basement, it’s good to keep an eye out for new or developing cracks. Cracks in concrete in open areas, such as driveways, are easy to detect, however in many cases it is difficult to catch a crack on the interior side of a basement wall.

It’s best to check the foundation walls after a large amount of rain, look for damp spots in the wall. In some cases this is easy to pick up on, as water can be running down the interior side of the wall.

Repairing the Crack

In some cases homeowners try to fill cracks on their own with materials like caulk or silicone fillers. Unfortunately these methods fail immediately, as the water needs to addressed on the exterior side of the foundation wall.

A single crack repair consists of a spot excavation to the footing level. The wall is then cleaned and the crack is repaired. The final step is to install a series of composite membranes to establish a waterproof barrier between the exterior elements and the foundation wall.

Although repairing a single crack is a cost effective method eliminating a basement wall leak, it is difficult to determine if that is the only spot that is letting water into the basement.  In some cases a poured foundation may be easier to identify a single, very pronounced crack that is letting water in. In this case the success rate for single crack waterproofing is much higher.

We’d be happy to waterproof and seal cracks in your home. When you spot one, just give us a call. We’re always here when you need us.


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