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Remove and Restore has been serving the Ancaster community for more than a decade. While our specialty is waterproofing and foundation repair, we also have a variety of related services that come along with not only restoring your property to what it was, but also making home improvements. From excavation, demolition, building concrete pathways, interlock driveways to raising your basement ceiling, there isn’t much our Ancaster waterproofers can’t do.

Ancaster has been choosing us for their waterproofing for over a decade due to the fact that at the heart of every job there is a thoughtful assessment of your situation and a fair and reasonable quote delivered for a job well done. That’s why we are the most trusted waterproofing professionals in the area.

There are a few more reasons why the residents of Ancaster come to us, and here they are:

25 Year Transferable Warranty

When we sign on to a job, we sign on to get the job done on time and on budget. What does that mean? Our Ancaster waterproofers take care to ensure our work will stand up for years after the job is done. We stand behind our work, so we provide all customers with a 25 year transferable warranty on every job. Of course, our plan is to never have to come back after executing your waterproofing project to perfection, so we’ve been providing homeowners with a warranty that truly provides peace of mind to them and anyone that may own the property afterwards.

Legendary Customer Service

One of our number one principles of doing business is truly believing that the customer is always right because without you, the customer, we wouldn’t have a business. Your testimonials and referrals makes us proud to approach every job we take on with enthusiasm. This key principal is what has made us so successful here in Ancaster and the Golden Horseshoe. Although it may sound simple, it starts with ensuring we are responsive. That means when you call, we answer, we say we are going to be there, we are. From the start, our Ancaster waterproofers are setting the right expectation and always under-promising and over-delivering. This manner of doing business, coupled with our expertise and executional excellence, makes for a reputation we strive and thrive on maintaining.

No Money Down – Pay When the Job is Done

Since we began our company, our policy has been that the homeowner only pays once the job is done. What this provides are two great reasons for the client to trust us. First; you know a job will be done and done right, and second; in order for us to get paid, our Ancaster waterproofers need to make sure your job is completed within a reasonable timeline. Now, if only city construction worked that way…

Need financing? No problem…we have built great financial relationships that make it easy to finance projects of any size.

Clean and Professional Job Sites

When we start a new project, we always take our client into consideration and we believe that a clean job sites makes for happy homeowners, happy neighbours and shows the respect that we have for you, our client. Our Ancaster waterproofers do their best to make sure that they only occupy the necessary space to complete the project. As waterproofing professionals, we have also had projects completed in our own personal lives and we believe in the saying “mi casa e su casa”. Your home is your sanctuary and not a construction zone, and it’s our mission to make sure that your life and that of the neighbourhood is disturbed as minimally as possible.

At Remove and Restore, we provide peace of mind by making waterproofing quick, painless and affordable. Call us today to get started on your project.


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