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Basement Waterproofing Oakville

Waterproofing Your Foundation

Remove & Restore offers basement waterproofing in Oakville. Basement foundation walls are typically constructed from concrete, blocks, or poured cement in some cases. As a home ages, it is common for foundation walls to move or settling, resulting in cracks, holes and other defects to appear. If this is the case, a basement waterproofing solution is needed.

There are two primary functions waterproofing your foundation serves. The first is to prevent water from entering the house through any defects found in the foundation walls. The second is to effectively stop any foundation erosion and degradation that can compromise the structure of your home.

These two purposes also play an important part in preventing the growth of various types of moulds and fungi in damp, dark basements. These substances can be dangerous and cause harm to you and your family’s health. If left for long periods of time without being safely removed, mould and fungi can develop into a much bigger problem that will require a costly and extensive solution to get rid of it completely.

Remove & Restore offers two different methods of basement waterproofing in Oakville; exterior and interior. The method used on your home will depend on the extent of the repairs needed and specific conditions unique to each home. In both cases, the standard procedure is to install an upgraded weeping tile system to channel water away from the foundation walls to stop any leaks from entering your home.

Our expert waterproofing technicians are available for any work you might need! Just give us a call and we’ll be more than happy to discuss your options with you.

Exterior Basement Waterproofing

Our exterior basement waterproofing services in Oakville will help protect your home from excessive water build up in instances of severe rainstorms or annual spring melts. It is one of the most important steps you can take if you think your home is unprepared.

Exterior basement waterproofing can be completed in one of two ways. The first option uses an petroleum-based coating that is damaging to the environment, while the second is a much more environmentally friendly alternative that uses a self-adhering composite membrane. At Remove & Restore, we care about our impact on the environment and use the second option to complete all our jobs. Exterior basement waterproofing requires excavation services, however, precautions are put into place to protect the surrounding area and to eliminate mess throughout the process.

After the foundation walls have been excavated, they are cleansed of any dirt using a combination of wire brushing and power washing where the dirt is the most stubborn. This allows us to assess the condition of the walls and locate any cracks or gaps that could lead to interior water leaks. The walls are then prepped and our eco-friendly waterproofing membranes are attached. Upgraded weeping tiles are then installed before the excavated area is filled in once again.

Remove & Restore’s exterior basement waterproofing in Oakville is one of the best solutions to prevent structural damage, the growth of mould, and basement leaks and flooding. Contact our waterproofing professionals today and invest in your home’s future.

Interior Basement Waterproofing

We also offer interior basement waterproofing in Oakville, which can be a great option if there is little degradation to the foundation walls or if a basement isn’t finished. If leaks are left for too long, water damage can become a much more serious problem than anticipated. Interior waterproofing is a relatively cost-effective solution that doesn’t require considerable renovations in order to prevent severe damage and flooding before it’s too late.

Interior basement waterproofing is also a great alternative to exterior methods when the point of repair can’t be accessed from outside. This can be the case when there is not enough room or no good point of entry.

This method creates drainage pathways on the inside of your home so that excess and trapped water can be rerouted to a more suitable exit. A trench is made along the perimeter of the foundation wall in order to install weeping tile. An eco-friendly waterproof membrane is installed next to prevent water from entering your home.

Sump Pumps and Drainage Systems

Sump pumps and drainage systems are typically installed when there is no convenient pathway for water to be channelled away from foundation walls. Excess water is directed to a sump pit through the use of a weeping tile, where it is collected. Once the accumulated water reaches a certain level, a sensor is triggered to eject water through a discharge line to an exterior location. All sump pits are sealed so you don’t have to worry about musty smells or insects being attracted to the collected water.

Part of Remove & Restore’s basement waterproofing Oakville services includes sump pump installation. With a competent sump pump and drainage system installed, any surplus water can be drained before problems occur. Interior basement waterproofing methods can help protect against the rest.

Remove & Restore can assist you with all your basement waterproofing needs in Oakville! Contact us today to discuss what we can do for you.


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