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Your home’s foundation ensures the stability of the house as a whole. Since its job is so integral to the overall structure of the house, it is vital that it is kept dry and free of any damage. If your foundation becomes degraded over the years for any reason, it will not be able to perform its job effectively and risks compromising the safety of your home. Remove & Restore offers foundation repair in Burlington so that you can ensure your home stays structurally sound and does not face potentially significant property damage.

Some common signs of foundation deterioration are bowing walls, a sagging crawl space, cracks in the walls or floors, uneven floors, as well as sticking windows and doors among other visible warnings. Foundation repair can oftentimes be a difficult and extensive process, therefore it is extremely important for any issues need to be addressed as soon as possible.

Types of foundations

There are various types of materials used to build foundation walls, each coming with their own benefits, disadvantages and repair solutions. In Canada, foundation walls are typically constructed from three different materials; stone rubble foundations, concrete block foundations and slab foundations.

All are viable options and perform well, but if become damaged and water begins to leak into a basement, they are no longer functioning as they should. Water can house serious harm to the integrity of a house and if leaks or floods occur, it is crucial that the excess water is stopped as soon as possible. This way, you can avoid any further damage and potentially costly foundation repairs in Burlington.

Stone Rubble Foundation

In the past, stone rubble foundations were the preferred style used when building homes, but are no longer used in current construction. More modern slab foundations have replaced the older design. Despite this evolution, stone rubble foundations have been used to build very strong and durable structures over long periods of time.

However, the downside of having this type of foundation though does mean that they are old. Unfortunately, this means that basement water leaks and damage are very common. The older a foundation is, the more time its mortar joints have had time to degrade, letting in more and more water over time. Additionally, older homes were typically built without proper drainage systems in place around the perimeter, which can contribute to the problems you may be facing with water in the basement. We can address all of these issues through our Burlington foundation repair services.

The best way to repair stone rubble foundations is through external waterproofing methods. This allows for our Burlington foundation repair technicians to assess the structure thoroughly while they are simultaneously repairing it. Any additional cracks or points of water entry can be found through externally repairing a stone rubble foundation. Exterior waterproofing can also allow for the monitoring of mortar deterioration underground and for technicians to determine if an adequate weeping tile system is in place in order to channel water away from the foundation walls to prevent future basement leaks.

Concrete Block Foundation

Concrete block foundations can also be called cinder block foundations. The blocks are stacked in an offset pattern using mortar to adhere individual blocks together. These foundations can become damaged enough to let water into your home in a few ways. The first is a crack in a mortar joint, which can be either a small hairline crack or a more considerable step crack. The variation in size determines the severity of the damage and the subsequent repair. The second way a concrete block foundation can be damaged is through the deterioration of the block itself or the mortar. When this happens, it’s generally a much more substantial hole that will let in larger volumes of water.

After the water has found a point of entry, it will begin to run down the inside of the hollow blocks. The hollow interior allows for the water to fill the bottom section of the block until it eventually leaks into the basement living space.

Depending on the severity of the situation, concrete block foundation walls can be repaired from waterproofed from the inside or the outside. Our services offer both exterior and interior waterproofing to be used in combination with foundation repair in Burlington.

Slab Foundation

The most popular type of foundation on newly built homes is a slab foundation. Otherwise known as a poured foundation, this type differs from a block foundation because it is not hollow. When cracks appear on a slab foundation, they can let water leak into the home, requiring foundation repairs to be made.

Like other forms of foundation degradation, the severity of the crack will vary. In some cases, the crack will be relatively blatant and it will be easily identifiable from both outside and in. In other cases, cracks can be more hidden, causing them to be harder to identify. In the case of prominent cracks, slab foundations are perfect candidates for Remove & Restore’s Burlington foundation repair services. Our waterproofing professionals will ensure that any cracks are fixed and sealed, prohibiting any further water leaks and damage.

Additional solutions for multiple cracks in a slab foundation are sectional foundation repairs. For this method, waterproofing would take place over a predetermined distance to flank all cracks on both sides. It can be completed from both inside and outside.

Remove & Restore is made up of a team of expert waterproofing professionals in Burlington. Our customer’s satisfaction is our top priority so we work to ensure that we are on time and on budget. Contact us today if you’re looking for foundation repair in Burlington!


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