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The Remove and Restore Family has been proudly serving the Grimsby community for over 10 years. If your home in Grimsby needs a little help, we’ll be there to give it to you. We boast a wide range of waterproofing and plumbing services that will keep your home safe and dry. Our Grimsby waterproofers are only a phone call away when you need assistance, and we’re committed to getting the job done right. We can repair and restore your home from the foundation up.

Foundation Repair and Underpinning

Underpinning can save your sinking or sliding home. All homes settle a little bit over time, but some homes settle too much. If your home seems to be falling or tilting, underpinning can reinforce your foundation. By going down deeper and filling the ground, your home will be elevated and level. Underpinning works best when it’s done as soon as the need arises. If you think you need underpinning, you should act quickly.

With minor foundation issues, sometimes all they need is some patchwork and waterproofing. If you’re noticing small cracks in your foundation, these could be a result of trapped water slowly eroding the concrete. Out Grimsby waterproofers can patch these cracks and waterproof them, preventing them from coming back.

Interior Waterproofing

Interior waterproofing is both a failsafe in the event of an accident and a long term protectant against creeping damage. In areas of home where you use a lot of water, surfaces will inevitably get wet. If those surfaces don’t have enough time to dry before they get wet again, they’ll start to wear down. By waterproofing the interior of your home, you’re equally as protected against a burst pipe and the wear and tear of regular use. Trust the best Grimsby waterproofers in town and contact Remove & Restore today.

Basement Waterproofing

Most basements require some kind of waterproofing to stay dry. Gravity wants to pull all kinds of water to the lowest point of your home. When snow melts or rain falls and the ground absorbs it, that water will inevitably affect your basement. Waterproofing the inside and outside of your basement keeps that water from affecting its structural integrity. It also keeps that damp basement smell at bay. Remove & Restore is the leading provider of Grimsby waterproofers in Southern Ontario, and we specialise in all forms of basement waterproofing to give you peace of mind.

Drain Repairs

You can’t have a dry home when your drains aren’t doing what they’re supposed to do. If water seems to be backing up or your drains are moving slowly, this is a sign that something is wrong on the inside. It might be a clog, or it could be old pipes that need to be replaced. Our Grimsby waterproofers will take a look at your drains and determine the problem. Once we have found the source, we will enact the perfect solution to keep your home safe and dry. It’s just another service we provide as the leading waterproofing professionals in Grimsby.

Water and Sewer Lines

Water needs to be able to enter and exit your home with ease. It comes in from your community water main and goes out through your sewer lines. If you need new connections or you’re looking to change your current setup, like going off your septic tank and onto the public sewer system, we can change the way your pipes are configured. Our Grimsby waterproofers can even excavate to lay new lines. It’s one stop shopping with us.

Interlocking Stone and Concrete

When you need new concrete, we can put it in for you. We can lay plain concrete floors, or more decorative exposed concrete aggregate. If you’d rather have interlocking stone for your patio or driveway, that’s fine by us. Our Grimsby waterproofers can slope the concrete or stone to divert water away from your home, keeping your yard from flooding.


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