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Drains are an essential element to all homes, and persistent drain issues can make it impossible to maintain a dry basement. Malfunctioning drains often create a world of trouble for homeowners, such as blocked toilets, bathtubs, and sinks. Collapsed or broken sanitary sewers can make it impossible to continue with day to day tasks, which is when drain repair is an absolute necessity.

In the case of sanitary sewer issues, it is imperative to have a fast and efficient residential waterproofing solution in place to avoid collection of sewage on the basement floor. These problematic drain lines can also cause water damage to your home, which can very quickly become an expensive problem. It is very common for old weeping tiles to stop functioning because they are plugged, and in some cases, the clay surrounding the weeping tile acts as a barrier and prevent the water from being channeled away from the house.

Main Sewer Lines

In older neighborhoods, sewer lines can be made of a variety of materials, including concrete, asbestos concrete, vulcanised piping and, most commonly in older homes, clay pipe.

Over the past several decades, all of these materials have been replaced for more durable and longer lasting plastic alternatives. All of these obsolete materials tend to wear down and run into issues with nearby trees and bushes. The result is invasive roots in the sewer system at each joint between pipe sections. As time goes on, the roots continue to grow, causing the sewer line to fracture, break down and eventually collapse.

The best solution to this issue is to remove the compromised section of the main sewer line and replace it with an up to date composite pipe. Our drain repair experts have dealt with every form of rooting issue and will be able to assist you with whatever your system is experiencing.

External Rainwater Discharge lines

Rainwater downspouts seems to be a common drain repair issue popping up in all neighbourhoods.

In the event of a severe rainstorm, the city or regional sewer can get overwhelmed with water and sewage intake. This can can cause the system to back up on the private side into your home. Many cities recommend disconnecting all downspouts to help avoid this scenario, which leaves the homeowner with two options; discharge all rainwater right beside the house, or have the water channeled away from the house.

Remove & Restore waterproofing professionals specialise in installing underground discharge lines for downspouts and sump pits. Typically, a suitable discharge area is established and piping is run underground to redirect water from the downspout or sump line to a more suitable area away from the house. This solution is a key factor in eliminating standing water around foundation walls and is key to any effective drain repair program.

External Drains  

Many homes have basement walkouts with flower beds, surrounded by stone walls and low lying areas on their properties. During rainstorms, water can pool in these areas and damage the home’s foundation by overwhelming drainage systems. The solution in this case is to install catch basin drains in these areas to eliminate pooling rainwater. Proper rainwater management is essential in home maintenance, as it helps to redirect excess water to a more appropriate location and prevent any damage to your property.


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