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Excavation sounds like a nightmare, but it doesn’t need to be. It’s a serious job, and you want to make sure it’s done the right way. Trying to dig out an excavation site without the proper equipment could take much longer than you’d anticipated, rather than the few hours it takes to get things done right the first time by waterproofing professionals. As long as you know what to expect and you hire the right team for the job, excavation services should run smoothly.

What Do Excavators Do?

Excavators dig out large areas around your property for any number of jobs that require below ground access. Excavators can clear paths for sewer lines or water lines, installing new utilities or repairing old ones. Excavators can also dig out areas around your home for access to the foundation wall. This often needs to be done for structural repairs to a home, including crack repairs or waterproofing. Professional excavation services are essential when dealing with the structural integrity of your home.

Remove & Restore is a waterproofing company that deals with a range of plumbing and home repair issues, including interior and exterior problems. We provide our own excavation services whenever it’s necessary to complete a job. Since every service you need is coming from the same place, you won’t have to wait as long or coordinate appointments when there’s a pressing matter to tend to.

Why Shouldn’t I Dig Myself?

Professional excavators already know what hazards lay underground. You might not know until you find it. A homeowner could inadvertently damage your home or lines buried beneath the ground because you don’t know that they’re there. You might also encounter complicated systems of tree roots that need to be removed, and that won’t be an easy job. When a tree needs to be removed, especially if it’s a large tree, that’s a job best left to the excavating and waterproofing professionals.

Expert excavation services involve large machines to move huge amounts of dirt relatively quickly. While you may be able to rent the same machines, they’re a lot harder to use than you might think. The balance is difficult, and if you catch onto a pipe or a root, you risk flipping the machine over or otherwise making the damage worse.

Digging by shovel could take months, especially for basement repairs. A great excavator with the right machinery could have the same job done in a single workday. You’ll wind up with your problem fixed sooner, and you’ll minimize the risk of making costly mistakes.

What’s The Difference Between a Good Excavation and a Bad Excavation?

Quality excavation service providers are going to care about your property much more than someone who’s only looking to get the job done quickly. A bad excavation operator will come in, use their machinery to roughly dig out the area, and leave. They’re not usually concerned with damaging your lawn or your flowers, and they have a tendency to leave a huge mess behind.

A good excavation operator will limit the size of the hole’s width, and mind the surrounding area. The goal is not just to get the job done, but to get the job done without making a huge mess. Generally, when homeowners require a site to be excavated, they are looking for a solution – the last thing they want to deal with is a mud pit once the job is done.

When you need excavation services or a home repair that requires excavation, look no further than Remove & Restore. We know what a headache most home repair services can be for homeowners like you, and we want to put you first. Give us a call when you need us – we’re always here.


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