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The Remove and Restore team provides a whole host of services to homeowners in St Catharines. We primarily focus on home foundation repair and waterproofing, though we are able to provide both complementary and supplementary home improvement services. Our St Catharines waterproofers are stocked and equipped to handle concrete, stone, demolition, excavation, and even basement repair.

Homeowners in St Catharines have chosen Remove and Restore to service their home for over ten years. We’ve worked hard to provide these homeowners with the highest quality of service and an outcome everyone can be proud of. As waterproofing professionals, we are thorough in our work, and we are prepared to share with you the things that set us apart from our local competitors.

We Offer a 25 Year Transferable Warranty

We prioritize three things when we approach a job: we want to complete that job on budget, on time, and at to the highest standard of quality. We are prepared to stand behind any work we do in your home, which is why we offer a 25 year transferable warranty after the work has been completed. Our St Catharines waterproofers enjoy working with our customers, but our business model and standards are designed to prevent us from having to come back. We will always get the job done right the first time, and we guarantee the work we do.

We Prioritize Superior Customer Service

Our customers are the foundation for our continued success as a business. The positive feedback we receive from our customers has helped us build our reputation and strengthen the Remove and Restore name. Without the satisfaction of our customers, we would not be able to function. This is why our St Catharines waterproofers prioritize superior customer service. Although our warranty and the quality of our work come together to eliminate the need for repeat business, nothing trumps our policy of assuring the happiness of every homeowner who chooses to work with us.

You Pay Only When The Job is Done

When homeowners pay up front, they aren’t paying with the knowledge that they’re comfortable with the quality of the work they’ve received. Remove and Restore asks homeowners to pay only once the job has been successfully completed. We aim to build trust with our customers, and we want them to know what they’re paying for. We don’t take payments from one customer and use them to finance projects for another customer, despite the fact that some of our competitors do. You pay for your work.

Our St Catharines waterproofers aim to provide competitive, fair pricing for all of our projects. Even with our fair pricing, some projects remain costly to complete. In our decade serving the local communities, we have been able to establish strong professional relationships with lenders. We are willing to share this relationship with homeowners who may need financing for their next project. No matter how big or how small, our St Catharines waterproofers are able to help homeowners find trustworthy lenders to help them achieve their visions.

Our Job Sites Are Clean and Professional

We respect your home as well as the homes of your neighbours. When we come in to provide a service, even if that service requires excavation or demolition, our professional team works to minimize the mess created throughout the process. Our work environment remains a controlled area that does not overflow into areas that will interfere with your day to day live while the job is being completed.

When you need professional waterproofing services in your St Catharines home, call Remove and Restore at any time. Our St Catharines waterproofers are always on hand to help you get the home of your dreams.


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