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Residential Waterproofing Hamilton & BurlingtonMost people worry primarily about fire and natural disasters damaging their home. While these are potential threats that can affect the safety of your home and family, they aren’t the only threats. Water from heavy rains or melting snow can significantly damage your home. This is when every homeowner should consider residential waterproofing.

Drainage Systems

Most of the risk to your house comes from sitting water. If it’s been allowed to pool up, especially in your basement, around your foundation, or beneath your home, it probably won’t be able to evaporate. These areas don’t get much (if any) sunlight or ventilation, which are necessary for the water to naturally leave the space.

One popular form of residential waterproofing is using drainage systems to catch water and send it away from the foundation of your home. Sump pumps work well beneath homes or in crawl spaces where water is likely to accumulate due to rain storms or melting snow. The pump will turn on when it senses water levels are growing higher, and pull the water away from your house.

If you don’t have floor drains (or if your floor drains aren’t functioning properly) in important areas of your home, you might be surprised at how quickly this will become a problem. Basements and laundry rooms often benefit from proper drainage systems. These areas tend to see a lot of water, and if something stops working the way it should, that water may be let loose into the room. Having a drainage system to collect and remove that water as soon as it enters the equation protects the integrity of your property.

Wall Treatments

Depending on the material a wall is made of and any coating that it may be treated with, that wall may be able to collect moisture. Once the water enters the wall, it won’t have any place to go. It’s dark and lukewarm inside of the wall, and that’s the perfect breeding ground for mould.
Water will travel, causing the walls to bloat and shrink with different temperatures and carrying the potential for mould growth with it wherever it goes.

If you don’t have an effective residential waterproofing treatment on your vulnerable walls, you might be setting yourself up for a world of trouble. Both interior and exterior walls will benefit from proper waterproofing, and if that waterproofing is done correctly, it can last for upwards of a decade without needing repair. Most of the time, it lasts for substantially longer.

Ground Treatments

Your home’s foundation is the supporting structure for everything else in your property. Everything relies on the stability and condition of that foundation. If your foundation isn’t properly waterproofed, it can easily succumb to excess water buildup. The water is already on the ground, and a dry foundation that hasn’t had expert residential waterproofing is waiting to soak all of it up.

In addition to foundation waterproofing, most homeowners will also benefit from ground surface treatment. The area around the building can be optimized for drainage, leading ground water away from the property. If the ground is taken care of, sitting water will rarely be an issue unless a large rainstorm comes through. Even still, the water remaining from the storm will be able to drain away much sooner.

Take the safety of your home into your own hands. If you need residential waterproofing services, we’re only a phone call away.


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